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A magical and timeless place One of the oldest hospitals in Europe! A majestic and authentic architectural ensemble. A rich and original heritage site :  Baroque chapel, cloister, gardens, sick ward, convent… A most enchanting place where cares of soul and body were combined…   The cloister The cloister of the Hospital Notre-Dame à la [...]

Art collection

The originality and interest of the collections of the Hospital Notre-Dame à la Rose lies in their variety and quality. Indeed, they illustrate many areas of the history of art and science. Moreover, they are preserved in situ and contribute very largely to recreate an atmosphere, peculiar to this place where time seems to have [...]

Medical and pharmaceutical collections

The Hospital Notre-Dame a la Rose houses a beautiful collection of medical and pharmaceutical objects. This collection is partly original but some acquisitions were added in recent years. Initially, the hospital is a charitable institution, as indicated by the etymological origin of its name (hospitality). The works of mercy are practiced in the name of [...]


The medicinal herb garden : for food, care and ornament The garden of medicinal plants, with its well aligned cultures, is built according to the model of the Herbularius. It is one of the three components of the medieval garden, with Hortus (vegetable garden) and Viridarium (orchard). At the end of the 8th century already, [...]

One of the oldest European hospitals !

When Alix de Rosoit founded this hospital by establishing a religious community there, her intention was twofold : to provide for prayer for the eternel rest of the soul of her husband, Anould IV of Oudenaarde, and to do an act of charity by welcoming “the sick whose health is such that they are unable to go and beg from door to door… ».