The museum

The hospital Our Lady with the Rose has kept an extremely valuable artistic heritage, some of which you were able to appreciate during your visit. All that treasure may not be put on display, for good reason!
Approximately 800 pewter pieces (patients’ dishes), Brussels and Tournai chinaware still used by the Sisters in the fifties, a lot of brassware (candelabras, buckets and warming pans), 140 pieces of silverware and goldsmiths’ware, precious linen… A treasury certainly reflecting the financial means of the institution. Moreover, at the time of the French Revolution, the tax levied on the town of Lessines amounted to 1,500 pounds, when the hospital was unwillingly paying 75,000…
The hospital library numbers more than 2,000 ancient books, some of which ware very valuable because of the edition or the binding. The collection records, rich with several thousand pieces, the most ancient of which goes back to 1243 (a few months after the founding of the hospital) is almost intact.

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