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Hungy or thirsty? The cafeteria and the terrace of the museum welcome you to discover among others local products and wines of Burgundy.

Petite restauration pour visiteurs individuels – 2018


Reservation of menus for groups is also possible, we offer quality catering for groups and firms. Our chef cookes with local products, while mixing tradition and modernity.

Reservation required (no hot meals for groups on Sundays, only sandwiches)

Menu 2018

Luc Van Lierde  (chef of the restaurant “La Tourbière” in Aalst) for proposes quality catering for groups and companies. Reservation required.

Menu “La Tourbière” 2018



Fascinating medicine of yesteryear, from Ambroise Paré to Louis Pasteur

More than 200 objects providing a remarkable illustration of the development of medicine and pharmacy from the 16th to the 19th century are thus presented in the cloisters and rooms of the « Hôpital Notre-Dame à la Rose  ».

These objects are curious, challenging, original and attest above all to a period where craftsmen and doctors combined their knowledge to advance medical and scientific techniques.  We could for that matter have subtitled this exhibition « Art in Human Hands » because all these instruments are as beautiful as they are disquieting and provide a glimpse into an age when the dexterity of surgeons was rivalled only by that of cutlers and makers of scientific instruments.

until the 30th November 2017

“Little death and great virtues ” duos from Véronique Poppe & Christian Rolet

“Little death and great virtues “, is a joint artistic project. Empathic and ironic. Reflexive and uninhibited. An exploration of the sacred bonds of marriage as well as a marriage of their vision with those of medicine and religious arts, which the Hospital Notre-Dame Hospital keeps alive, thus putting them in dialogue.

Régine Vandamme

13/10/2018 – 17/02/2019


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Picardy Wallonia is a vast and inviting green plain containing 330,000 inhabitants and located at the edge of Lille, Brussels, Mons and Courtrai.

It comprises 23 municipalities, 2 natural parks (Pays des Collines and Plaines de l’Escaut) and 3 heritage and commercial towns (Tournai, Ath and Mouscron). It offers its inhabitants and visitors a wide range of outdoor entertainment, miles of walks in a protected natural environment and many festive and sociable events.

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