Exhibition ‘Vestigium temporis’

It was in the silence of a visit to the Hospital Our-Lady with the Rose in Lessines that Perrine Moreau and Agnès Arnould were impressed by this place rich in history and mysteries.

Immersed in this world of contemplation, they were deeply touched by a feeling of empathy with it that led them to carry out this exciting exhibition project.

This humane universe has made their artists’ sensibilities vibrate and immediately echoed their work, which has always tried to express human feelings.

Although very different in their artistic expression, Perrine and Agnès are guided in their journey by the same humanist fiber.

One of them expresses herself in a more symbolic and hieratic way in pastel colors, the other in a more violent expressionist language animated by contrasting colors.

These two opposing tendencies confirm, however, that certain feelings are universal.

From 14/05 to 29/08/22

Vernissage on saturday 14/05 at 4.30 pm

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Chers visiteurs, l'exposition "Et si j'avais 20 ans en 1900, Lessines à la Belle Époque"
n'ouvre ses portes qu'à partir de 14h00. Cependant vous pouvez toujours visiter notre musée
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