A place with a thousand facets, magical and timeless

One of the oldest hospitals in Europe! A majestic and authentic architectural ensemble. A place full of emotions, to be discovered with its thousand facets: Baroque chapel, cloister, gardens, sick ward, convent…

A most enchanting place where care of soul and body was combined…  

Deux univers à découvrir !

Histoire, patrimoine, culture, art, médecine et religion dans un somptueux hôpital du Moyen-Age

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Les plantes médicinales : leur histoire et leurs bienfaits dans un jardin des plantes au charme fou

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Un bouquet d'animations en 2018


Fascinating medecine of yesteryear

A unique exhibition on the history of medicine and pharmacy, from the 15th to 19th century.
Enema, trepanning kit, amputation saw … More than 300 instruments retrace the evolution and history of medicine, surgery and pharmacy, from the era of Ambroise Pare to Louis Pasteur. Travel back through time!

Until november 30th 2018.

Quoi de neuf, Docteur? Une histoire des soins de santé de 1870 à 1950

Cette exposition se base sur la collection de cartes postales du Docteur L.B. Hachez et retrace l’histoire de la médecine de 1870 à 1950.

Jusqu’au 27 mai 2018


Exhibition “What’s up, Doc? A history of medecine from 1870 to 1950”
” What’s up Doc?” is our new temporary exhibition. This exhibition is based on the postcards collection of Dr. L.B. Hachez and traces the history...
Exhibition “From Ambroise Paré to Louis Pasteur”
The « Hôpital Notre-Dame à la Rose » will host a dynamic exhibition entitled « From Ambroise Paré to Louis Pasteur – A Large Cabinet...
L’Helkiase and digitization
Discover our 'Helkiase' records owing to the Plan de préservation et d'exploitation des patrimoines of the French Community. This digitization plan, adopted by the Government...
Video ‘Hospitalia’
Pictures by Elena Franco, movie by E. Genesini Facebook Elena Franco...

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