A magical and timeless place

One of the oldest hospitals in Europe! A majestic and authentic architectural ensemble. A rich and original heritage site : Baroque chapel, cloister, gardens, sick ward, convent…

A most enchanting place where cares of soul and body were combined…  


Discover 4 atmospheres


Exhibition “Little death & great virtues”
“Little death and great virtues “, is a joint artistic project. Empathic and ironic. Reflexive and uninhibited. An exploration of the sacred bonds of marriage....
Exhibition “What’s up, Doc? A history of medecine from 1870 to 1950”
” What’s up Doc?” is our new temporary exhibition. This exhibition is based on the postcards collection of Dr. L.B. Hachez and traces the history...
Exhibition “From Ambroise Paré to Louis Pasteur”
The « Hôpital Notre-Dame à la Rose » will host a dynamic exhibition entitled « From Ambroise Paré to Louis Pasteur – A Large Cabinet...
L’Helkiase and digitization
Discover our 'Helkiase' records owing to the Plan de préservation et d'exploitation des patrimoines of the French Community. This digitization plan, adopted by the Government...


Fascinating medecine of yesteryear

A unique exhibition on the history of medicine and pharmacy, from the 15th to 19th century.
Enema, trepanning kit, amputation saw … More than 300 instruments retrace the evolution and history of medicine, surgery and pharmacy, from the era of Ambroise Pare to Louis Pasteur. Travel back through time!

Until november 30th 2018.

Little death and great virtues “ from Christian Rolet and Véronique Poppe

“Little death and great virtues “, is a joint artistic project. Empathic and ironic. Reflexive and uninhibited. An exploration of the sacred bonds of marriage. Christian Rolet and Véronique Poppe jostled the springs and experienced the limits. A marriage of their vision with those of medicine and religious arts, which the Hospital Notre-Dame Hospital keeps alive, thus putting them in dialogue.


Régine Vandamme

13/10/2018 – 17/02/2019

Activities in 2019

Visitors and press testify

'A huge aesthetic shock'
La Dernière Heure - Les sports
‘’For its architecture, its collections, its atmosphere, its animations ... The reasons to come and come back to the Hospital are numerous’’.
Le Courrier de l'Escaut
‘’Its assets: architecture, art history (...), the sum of objects that, through the ages, explain the evolution of medicine and care. An exceptional place of history and life’’.
La Libre Belgique
‘’The Hospital Our-Lady of the Rose is a unique place that stands out not only for its extraordinary beauty, but also for its great artistic, architectural, medical and social value.’’
Jury du Prix des Musées 2010
‘’ Thanks to this new scenography (...), the meticulous description of the conventual life gives to the visit of the hospital a real originality’’.
Les nouvelles du Patrimoine
‘’A unique, original and lively place ... charm and mystery’’.
Le Vif l'Express
‘’An exceptional site, recognized major heritage of Wallonia and Europe ... A Mecca of medieval history, history any short, that many would envy ... To discover without delay’’.
Le Soir Magazine
"My heart goes to the Hospital Our-Lady with the Rose"
Sophie C
"To visit over and over again"
Pierre from Brussels
"Very beautiful and very interesting."
Philippe from Paris
"Worth a detour"
Bernard from Tournai
"A little known jewel."
Su from Dilbeek
"A must see !"
Labuissière from Hainaut
"An incredible collection of medical instruments".
Luc from Diest
"A complete change of scene, very instructive."
Jan from Eecklo
"Nice surprise"
Lilie, Belgique
"The Hospital Our Lady with the Rose in Lessines is a superb piece of Belgian heritage. The site has been superbly restored. We had a very nice visit with a guide who knew very well his job and his subject."
Jose Michaux
"Superb restoration of one of the oldest hospitals in Europe."

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