Exhibition “Little death & great virtues”

“Little death and great virtues “, is a joint artistic project. Empathic and ironic. Reflexive and uninhibited. An exploration of the sacred bonds of marriage. Christian Rolet and Véronique Poppe jostled the springs and experienced the limits. A marriage...

Exhibition “What’s up, Doc? A history of medecine from 1870 to 1950”

" What's up Doc?" is our new temporary exhibition. This exhibition is based on the postcards collection of Dr. L.B. Hachez and traces the history of medicine from 1870 to 1950. The postcard is introduced in Belgium by the...

Exhibition “From Ambroise Paré to Louis Pasteur”

The « Hôpital Notre-Dame à la Rose » will host a dynamic exhibition entitled « From Ambroise Paré to Louis Pasteur – A Large Cabinet of Scientific Curiosities » over a long period. Organised thanks to a couple of passionate,...

L’Helkiase and digitization

Discover our 'Helkiase' records owing to the Plan de préservation et d'exploitation des patrimoines of the French Community. This digitization plan, adopted by the Government en October 2007, aims to protect the cultural and patrimonial heritage, conserved in museums,...

Video ‘Hospitalia’

Pictures by Elena Franco, movie by E. Genesini Facebook Elena Franco

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A new piece of silverware in our collections

This ciborium of the church of Bois-de-Lessines has found a new home in the Hospital Our-Lady with the Rose. Stolen in 1980 during an exhibition of the Tourism Federation of the province Hainaut in the Saint-Peters Church, the ciborium was...

Euraphis touristic tours

The different Euraphis city partners worked together to propose some transboundary discovery tours around very interesting subjects: streets, castles, remarkable facades, gastronomy, city relief plans… Click here for more information

‘The Best in Heritage’ Conference in Dubrovnik

A few words about the conference which was held in late September in Dubrovnik and which gathered several European and even worldwide prize-winning museums, including the Hospital Our Lady with the Rose: The Dubrovnik Conference was a unique opportunity to...

Museum Award and Audience Award

Special thanks to all of you! With your support, the Hospital Our-Lady with the Rose has been very fortunate to win the Museums Prize and the Audience Prize, awarded on June 1 at the Belvue Museum in Brussels.

Our museum and it’s networks

The Hospital Notre Dame à la Rose, Major Walloon Heritage Site, is part of different networks: Hospitium, the Belgian Society of the History of Hospitals The network of hotels and God-Apothecary Feel free to explore their websites!