Access to the museum through the farmyard

Dear visitors

There are currently roadworks on the Place Alix de Rosoit. Visitors can no longer access the museum through this Place, from Monday 14 Novermber 2022 onwards.

The entrance is now located on the first floor of the barn of the Hospital.

Access will therefore be possible via the courtyard of the Hospital farm at the Rue des Quatre Fils Aymon n°21 (see: map below).

We will do our best to clearly mark the access to the “reception” of the museum, but unfortunately it will take a few days for everything to be correctly installed.

We apologize for these inconveniences beyond our control which, we realize, do not facilitate your visit. However, we will do everything we can to welcome you in the best possible conditions and make your visit to our museum enjoyable.

Vehicles can access the museum only through the Rue des Quatre Fils Aymon. We advise you to leave your vehicle on the parking of the Ancient Fire Department (Rue des Quatre Fils Aymon, opposite to the CPAS) and to walk towards the museum.

The end of the roadworks is planned for end of December 2022.

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