Exhibition “What’s up, Doc? A history of medecine from 1870 to 1950”

What’s up Doc?” is our new temporary exhibition. This exhibition is based on the postcards collection of Dr. L.B. Hachez and traces the history of medicine from 1870 to 1950. The postcard is introduced in Belgium by the National Postal Offices in January 1871. A decade later, the postcard with pictures on is born. Soon, millions of copies come into circulation. They reflect a changing society, at the social, economic and scientific levels. The golden age of the illustrated card is mainly in the Interbellum. Dr. Hachez’s card collection extends to all areas of health. It shows a medical world, at a time when new discoveries will forever change the hospital environment. The postcard takes a comprehensive look at health. It was this look that was the starting point of this exhibition. ” What’s up Doc ? is a journey through a fascinating period that has seen the birth of our public health system. Thus, the illustrated card, fragile little piece of cardboard, immortalizes more than a century of the history of our medical institutions. Inseparable from photography, it has frozen in time, the men and women who have given medicine its nobility.

From October the 17th 2017 to the 27th of May 2018.

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