Are you between 5 and 8 years old? Or between 9 and 12?

Make an entertaining visit at the Hospital Our-Lady with the Rose. You could become a great adventurer!

How to play?

Upon your arrival, please go to reception and ask for your book of games, it costs only a euro or two!

During your adventure, open your eyes! You have to solve puzzles. Each puzzle gives you clues to find a mystery word. These clues are letters and numbers. Write them down on the last page of the book to their proper place. You’ll discover the mystery word.

WAP and Tom will help you find the answers but also ask your parents for help!

Your reward?

At the end of your visit, if you find the mystery word, you’ll receive a small gift and / or a voucher for free admission to another Wap Adventure site.

Collect all degrees and make new quests!

Books only available in French and Dutch!