Concert by the duo Solia, on May 29

Raquel Gigot & Marielle Vancamp have undertaken a vast work of highlighting some treasures of popular and folk music in Wallonia.

Menuet Ardennais, Caracole de Bertrix, Maclotte de St-Hubert, Amoureuse de Bastogne, Berceuse de Maffle…. 

The Scots, the Galicians, the Bretons, the Russians, the Americans… are proud of their origins and claim it with their music. Who knows that we also have a strong, beautiful identity, through a music that is ours? Except for some real fans of folk music.. This music is no longer played, or too little…

However, our desire is to bring these songs back to life. The most interesting and beautiful accomplishment for us would be that they means something to the ears of the general public.

The feeling of belonging to one’s region, to one’s village, inevitably passes through a knowledge of one’s history, one’s roots as an indispensable foundation that leads to the future. Sharing the desire to make his country known culturally through the knowledge of its heritage, we feel it as a mission, or rather as a passion…

As far as Wallonia is concerned, a rich musical heritage exists. It is found in manuscripts, libraries, attics… It deserves to be highlighted, to be known, to be concretized in an interesting way, in a musical research to the present. We take it as a big challenge by doing a job that dusts off this «past» by giving it an elaborate version.

To surprize the listener, to amaze ourselves, to marvel at what we ourselves have written with our own baggage, our influences of today, our knowledge, in our musical arrangements: this is our project.

Music evolves, new styles are born and radiated every day all over the world, they are never more than the heritage that continues, again and again, that is transmitted from generation to generation and evolves over the course of history.

On Sunday the 29th of May, in the chapel of the Hospital

Entrance fee : 15 € (adults ) – 10 € (students) – 5 € (children +5) Payement in cash

Reservations :

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